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Poker Tournaments

Playing in a poker tournament is fundementally different than playing normal poker, you have to adapt your strategy to compensate.

For instance suited cards and connected cards are less valuable, you may ask why and the answer is quite simple, lose all your chips and your out of there. You now have no chance to win, in a normal game you miss the draw you put your hand in your pocket and cough up some more cash.

In tournament play you want to have the best hand now or you had better be the best bluffer in the world. You want to avoid drawing hands (That is an hand where you are hoping that the next cards out will provide you with a flush or straight etc.) You can't afford to miss too many draws.

Early on in a tournament players have lots of chips in relation to the blinds and antes so they don't worry too much about going broke and being eliminated.

You will find most players play their usual game. However in tournaments the blinds build to an oppressive level, going broke becomes an immediate danger and that's just from the level's of the blinds. They will start to play fewer hands and they are very reluctant to call.

This is where you come in, as the game progresses a bluff is more likely to work, however like all rules there are exceptions near the end of the betting limit has the blinds are about to go up players will get desperate and play or call hands that a few minutes before will have gotten through

One of tournament poker's oldest expression's is as long as I have chips and a chair I'm still in it. or to put it straight if you haven't been eliminated you can still win.

Most players panic far too soon, they feel the pressure from the blinds and antes going up they will throw their chips into a silly hand. You aren't going to do that are you! My advice is simple if you treat your chips like rare rubies you'd be less inclined to throw them away.

Be patient having just said all this too you I'm now going to tell you don't forget poker is a gambling game. Gamble when you have enough chips to be a threat that way you have more chance of pulling it off. This will help keep your Manhattan high.

Embrace the Pressure Learn to love the adrenaline run that's what poker tournaments are about. The nearer it gets to the final table the bigger the pressure you will feel the sweat running down your back, learn to love this feeling. some people tell me they hate playing head to head, well you had better learn to like it because it's the only way you can win a tournament.

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