Football/Soccer call it what you will

Football or Soccer


Bookmakers love taking money on soccer, after all not many of us bet with our heads we just bet on our team regardless. Can you remember the last time you bet against your own team, I bet you, you can't. (I wonder if the bookie will give me odds on that bet?)


So the humble bookie smiles holds out his hand and takes your hard earned dosh, if he's feeling in a generous mood he may even suggest that next time you bet on who scores first or an even worse bet for you, who scores last. This is what being a mug is all about, but let's face it we love it don't we. However you can do something about it, read on.


Study form or better still bet on teams outside the UK.  Our bookies are hopeless at predicting correct odds for foreign teams, some of them are getting better but you can still make a killing, but you have to do your homework.


Short History of Soccer

The modern game of soccer started in England in 1863 over 140 years ago. It has branched out to cover just about every corner of the globe.


It would seem the far east can lay claim to the oldest recorded accounts of using a ball in a similiar way to a football.


A Military manual of the Chinese Han Dynasty dating from 2nd and 3rd centuries BC mentions the exercise of 'Tsu Chu'. Which consisted of kicking a leather ball filled with feathers and hair through an opening 30 - 40 cm into a net. another version of this exercise involved the player being attacked at the same time he was forbidden from using his hands to touch the ball or to protect himself.


Japan 500 years later sees the introduction of a more civilised game Kemari, it is still played today this is a circular football game, this was not a competitive contest the players have to pass the ball to each other without it touching the ground.


Major Club Championship

The Champions League. The tournament began in 1955 after Gabriel Hanot the editor and sports journalist for the French paper at L'Équipe, suggested that there should be a competition for winners of the European national football leagues under the name of the European Cup.


To fend of a movement for a European super league UEFA changed the format of the European Cup and made it into a European Super League! So since the 1992–1993 season the competing teams have been the top-ranked teams of Europe and the tournament has been renamed the UEFA Champions League, there is no longer a requirement for a team to be champions in their respective countries.


The FA Cup - the oldest and Still the Punters Favourite

How it began, The first final took place at Kennington Oval the crowd was recorded at 2,000. The game although basically the same was in some important aspects totally different from the modern game of football. There were no crossbars or goal nets, without three kicks there was no point in diving, penalities weren't allowed either.


The pitch was marked differently as well with no centre circle and no halfway line.

Two teams of have dominated the FA cup these are Arsenal and Manchester United both teams have made over 17 appearances each. With Arsenal edging ahead of Manchester United with more wins.


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