How to play Pre-Flop in Texas Holdem

Pre Flop Texas Holdem

The most difficult thing for a beginner to learn in poker is pre flop play, do I play aggressively? why do I always seem to be playing catch up? I've committed half my stack should I fold or play?

If these are the kind of questions you would like the answer too, then read on.

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Pre Flop -
Play aggressively but don't over do it, you will get called eventually.
Always try to play from position don't get forced into playing catch up.
Be the aggressor.
Be prepared to fold. don't over defend your blinds nobody likes to have the blinds stolen but you are out of position so unless you've got a good hand bite the bullet and fold.
Be brave, if half your manhattan is committed you must have felt it was worthwhile if someone calls you go for it.

Advantages of Raising Bets

Vulnerable hands are KQ, Q 4 suited or something similiar. 

You're sat at your computer and your cards have been dealt the most important decision is do I play them or not. So you've decided to play them, if they are good enough to play then they are good enough to raise.

If it's not good enough to raise with fold don't mess about poker's too important to play about with.

You may be wondering what the advantages are to raising your bets, well you know how you feel when someone does it too you. All of a sudden you are off balance and you are knocked right out of your comfort zone.

You also see everyone with a maybe hand folding (this gets rid of opposition.) suddenly you are in command you find yourself stealing the blinds.

They don't know if you have AA, KK or 83, remember if you can steal the blinds you will be heading to the final table, (Warning: Don't over do it, you will get called be prepared.)

Vulnerable hands are KQ if the Ace appears on the flop you could be in trouble, suited cards You will see lots of players play Q 4 suited or something similiar if the flop doesn't hit your cards how daft does this hand look.

Finally Moving all in is better than calling all in.


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