Poker Starting Hands - Learn your poker lingo

Poker Starting Hands

Do you know which cards are known as Diana Dors, Flat Tyre, Big Slick or the Famous Dead Man's Hand believed to be the cards that Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot dead.


Once you've read this page you will know all that and so much more, in fact you'll be a walking encyclopedia on card hands and their names.


You can amaze your friends with your vast array of knowledge.


Starting Hands.


aceclubs ace hearts   Pocket Rockets, American Airlines, Bullets
ace clubs king of diamonds Big Slick
ace hearts queen of diamonds Little Slick, Big Chick
ace spades 8 club Dead Man's Hand (see poker Trivia)
ace diamonds 3 spades Ashtray, Baskin Robbins
king of hearts king of spades Cowboys, King Kong
king of spades queen of spades Mixed Marriage
king of spades jack of hearts Kojak, King John
king of spades 9 diamonds A Pair of Dogs, Fido, K9
queen of spades queen of hearts Four Tits, Siegfried and Roy, Ladies
queen of hearts jack of hearts Maverick
queen of spades 7 clubs Computer Hand,
queen of diamonds 3 spades Gay Waiter, San Francisco Waiter, (Queen with a Tray,)
jack of hearts jack of clubs Knaves, Hooks, Fish Hooks, Jay Birds
jack of clubs ace hearts Jackass, Ajax
jack of spades 5 spades Motown, Jackson 5
jack of clubs 4 diamonds Flat Tyre, (as in what is a jack for?)
10 diamonds 10 spades Dimes
10 spades 5 spades Woolworth's, Five and Dime
10 diamonds 4 diamonds Over and Out, Roger That, Convoy, Good Boody
10 spades 2 diamonds Doyle Brunson (he became world champion twice with this hand)
9 hearts 8 diamonds Oldsmobile
9 hearts 9 diamonds German Lesbian/Virgin, Popeyes, Phil Hellmuth
9 hearts 5 spades Dolly Parton
9 diamonds 2 clubs Montana Banana
8 diamonds 8 club Snowmen, Two Fat Ladies, Doggie Balls
7 clubs 7 diamonds Sunset Strip, Mullets, Saturn, Hockey Sticks
7 clubs 8 diamonds RPM
7 diamonds 6 diamonds Union Oil
7 clubs 2 diamonds Beer Hand
6 diamonds 6 clubs   Route 66, Kicks
6 clubs 9 hearts big Lick, Dinner For Two, The Good Lover
5 spades 5 diamonds   Speed limit, Presto
4 clubs 4 diamonds Diana Dors, Magnum
4 diamonds 5 spades Jesse James, Colt 45
3 spades 9 hearts Jack Benny
3 spades 8 club Raquel Welch
3 clubs 3 spades Crabs
2 clubs 2 diamonds Ducks, Pocket Swans


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