Video Poker - Ways to Win

Video Poker - Ways To Win!

Firstly you really need to know how to play poker, I know to some of you this is obvious but you'd be amazed how many people play video poker machines just like it's a slot. This is fine if you don't mind giving most of your money to the house.


Machines - No two machines are the same and certain versions payout better than others. You will soon be able to tell at a glance which machines payouts are more generous than others.

Video poker is one of the casino's big secrets they actually give the player a slight edge, in fact they make it so a good poker player can win on a regular basis.


Why would they do this! Well firstly casino's are in the business of taking your money they know that your average punter will not play good poker so straight away they are in pocket. Video Poker is the one game in which the house doesn't always have the edge, in fact it actually doesn't want too. However for you to have the edge you have to play perfect poker strategy, now the casino knows that the majority of players can't achieve this so they win, and because you are going to play perfect strategy you win the perfect scenario a win, win situation.


Now don't go getting over excited, thinking that with your perfect strategy you will break the bank, you won't the payouts are big because they take into account, hands such as a Royal Flush which comes approximately once in every 40,000 hands and that's assuming you've employed perfect strategy, however this can be varied by the use of jokers and wild cards, etc.


Machines Are Not All The Same

Video poker is a game for the long haul, if you employ perfect strategy you will win over a period of time.

Video Poker games are not programmed like slots they are not programmed to give a specific return, the return is determined by the pay schedule and how you deal with it.

You will see a shorthand notation such as 9/6, 10/7 etc, these describe the game if you divide the payout for a full house and flush by 5 you get the payout schedule which in a game that pays 45 for a full house and 30 for a flush works out at a 9/6 game which gives a return of 99.54% over a long term however check the other payouts just to be certain that the house isn't going to catch you on the other hands.

There are ways to give yourself an advantage, some sites will give you player bonuses if you add this to the payouts your actually getting over the 100% payout. Another good tip is to play progressive games, however you only win the progressive once you get a Royal Flush so wait until the jackpot hits a good figure before you start to play.


Summary Video Poker

To summarize check your machines.

Learn your poker, keep crib sheets, after all playing online you can have as many cheats sheets as you want.

Play perfect poker strategy. There is nothing to stop you employing software to play perfect strategy for you.

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